Content or Design?

  • Which holds more weight in the most effective communication
    with your best potential customers?

    The answer is a simple one.


    It's BOTH.

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I'm Nancy Bolts the namesake of Bolts Creative.
Writing is my thing but I also have a keen appreciation for all images bright and beautiful.
That kind of spark attracts audiences like a moth to a candle. 

So I formed a partnership with the most talented graphic designer I know.

Nanette Mattox



To each client we touch we bring a combination of strengths to
bear on each project and problem -- better together then
alone at providing business and marketing guidance,
website design, graphic design and writing with persuasiveness, style and grace. 

Content and Design.



Style or Substance?



We are all about branding, from a logo that really stands for something to a tool as simple but necessary as a business card.

Website Design

We create technically astute websites that speak in your voice and carry through the tone and manner of your brand personality.


Print advertising lives and breathes. Sometimes it is what is left behind that resonates when purchase decisions are being made. Make yours sing in the form of our brochures, flyers, and stationery.


Style And Substance


Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Yes! We are results oriented and our satisfied clients will attest to that. In fact, they are so happy with us that our own business has grown exponentially. When our cients grow and prosper they recommend us to others. So, be sure and read some of their testimonials below.

What Our Clients Say

  • To me, the most important element of any marketing piece is how it grabs the reader emotionally. Anytime you evoke an emotional reaction you have succeeded. Bolts Creative has the uncanny ability to speak a universal language through the written word. They are brilliant at listening to their client and then translating that message into a piece that anyone can relate to. When I work with Bolts Creative, I tell them my thoughts and then “Viola!” what I need to explain ends up vividly there - a perfect capture.
    —Marilyn Shannon, Coach, Superior Court Mediator, and Co-founder of Women’s Power Networking, Raleigh, NC
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